Calls for unified cybersecurity strategy in a post-Covid world


Organisations need to unify their cybersecurity strategy to protect mission-critical digital assets in a post-Covid world.

That’s the message that Agile Networks and its partner, Juniper Networks will take to public and private organisations, as they launch the next in their series of technical webinars.

‘One Connected World : One Safe Haven’ explores the evolving threat landscape at a time of increasing cybercrime and an environment where geographically dispersed workforces pose a potential threat to the integrity of corporate networks.

Commenting on the session, Andrew Byrne, technical consultant with Agile Networks said:

“We’re concerned that many organisations don’t have a holistic approach to cybersecurity.  Faced with increasing complexity and sophistication in cyber attacks across users, apps and devices, we’re encouraging them to unify all their network elements into a single, threat-aware network.

“We believe security automation and dynamic security policy enforcement across every point of connection mitigates risk and leaves a much smaller attack surface for cyber criminals to target.  A multi-layered approach with single or multiple vendors enables organisations to build a best-of-breed security ecosystem that can improve security posture.”

With a keynote from leading cybersecurity expert with Juniper Networks, Michael Berkovitch, the session will appeal to CIOs, CISOs,  infosec professionals, infrastructure architects and anyone tasked with protecting an organisation’s digital assets from cyberthreat.

Berkovitch brings with him two decades of experience in the tech industry, with the cybersecurity segment as the anchor point over those years.  He has a Masters Degree in Astrophysics, holds the CISSP and other certifications and is an active member of the global cybersecurity community.

The webinar takes place on Thursday, July 30th at 3pm.  Pre-registration is required and is for end-users only.

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